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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sapa O'chau

Sapa O'chau

The association O'chau Sapa allows ethnic minorities of Sapa area in Vietnam have access to education and to preserve the culture and traditions that make their wealth.
Location: Sapa - Vietnam
In existence since: June 2010

A little history ...

The development of tourism in the region of Sapa in Vietnam helped families struggling to straighten the slope enjoying the windfall represented by this opportunity.Unfortunately, tourism is not as good as the business side takes over humans.Shu Tan, a 24 year old Hmong Tribe Black Hmong, knows the damage that can be caused by mass tourism.From an early age, she was a street vendor and this experience has profoundly. She took the party to react and is now trying to implement actions to address the lack of education of girls in his area, too busy selling handicrafts to tourists from all walks of life.

The Sapa O'Chau Cultural Learning Centre was founded in 2010 and has not had the success they deserve dice its implementation: changing behavior requires patience, time and a certain amount of courage. This is indeed the strengths of Shu, which enabled him to persevere and not give up this project, which now forms part of the face of Sapa.The center allows young girls, all ethnic minorities in the region, have access to education. Not to mention the solidarity actions to bring warm clothes and food at the heart of the poorest villages.

The concept Sapa O'Chau was assisted by the Australian who began by teaching English in the region well before the design center. Since the beginning of the center, they provided considerable efforts to increase awareness of travelers to the existence of the association.

The Centre today

Centre to set up free classes for young Hmong women. Approximately 20-25 students taking evening classes in English, and another twenty attending courses Vietnamese.The students are between 12 and 25 years. English classes are free and taught by volunteers.The Centre also hosts students who live too far from the center and, if they returned home each day, could not attend the evening classes.The Centre also wishes to develop vocational training for Hmong girls, especially in the tourism sector in raising awareness to a more responsible tourism and ecolo tourism like Vietnam trekking trip

The association is always looking for funding and anyone wishing to become solidarity is invited to make a donation to set up community projects to come such as:

> Provide milk and food necessary for the proper development of children

> Provide adequate clothing and footwear for children.

> Financing improvements village schools in the region of Sapa.

Shu always says: "One person can make a small difference, a lot of people working together can make a huge difference." A mature ...