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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Cat Cat Village

Nestled in a beautiful valley, Cat Cat Village is the nearest village within walking distance at about 3km south of the resort town of Sapa
A signboard with 'Welcome to Cat Cat Cultural Village' greets visitors as they arrive at the entrance to the village.  The path from this entrance leads to every corner of Cat Cat village. A leisurely walk within the old village provides visitors with a better understanding of the traditional customs and practices of the ethnic group H'Mong who live there.

Catcat Village is around 1 KM away from the town of Sapa and it is navigable by foot. You could walk from Sapa to the village or you could rent a motorbike so you could go further after your visit to Cat Cat. You could also pay a motorbike taxi driver to take you to the village instead if you don’t want to walk nor drive a motorbike.

An entrance fee of 30,000 Dong needs to be paid at the entry gate of Cat Cat. And you have to walk for a few minutes more before you reach the road that leads you downwards to the village.

The village has a lot of shops, one shop after the other lined up the narrow streets of Cat Cat. It may or may not be a good sight for travellers that are really looking forward in seeing the village life of the HMongs. But the people in this village seemed to have already adapted to the tourism industry. So what you see is actually the village life in Cat Cat.

People are still tending to their farms, kids playing on the streets, women making exquisite and beautiful woven clothes, bags and other accessories.

As you descend more you’ll see the most scenic part of the village, the Tien Sa waterfalls which is really beautiful. The raging water drops to the huge boulders and flows to what seems to be a small patch of “dense jungle”. You can order somes treks from Cat cat by this site:

tien sa waterfalls