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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Black H’mong People in Sapa Vietnam

Black H’mong People in Sapa - At first the H’mong people may seem quiet and shy but with a visit to their home and a family introduction the H’mong will open up with laughter, celebration, song, and smile.
Within the Sapa the Black H’mong people community make up the majority of the population. The Black H’mong people in Ta Phin village, they populate a small commune on the West side of the major rice paddy field. They are not as active in the tourism product here but are play a major role in the hemp production as well as brocade supply to some tourist shops in Sapa and Hanoi.

There dress is predominantly indigo in colour which is produced in fields and later used in dying the hemp fabric. Red, green and white highlighting colours are also used in the embroidery of the collar, belt and sleeves and helps to distinguish age and skill.

The men and woman both wear a vest-like cape that is shiny. This piece is hemp women and dyed as all of the other pieces of clothing but is also rubbed on rock or wood until the luster appears.

The Black H’mong people can be found all over the Sapa area. Other Black H’mong people sub groups such as the Flower, Green and White Hmong can be found in the Northern regions of Vietnam. H’mong are also found in Thailand, Laos, China. Further a large population can be found in the USA.